Canada welcomes international skilled workers: step-by-step procedure for all occupations

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Immigrating to Canada as a skilled worker is a great way to start a new life and build a successful career. If you have experience in one of Canada’s most sought-after professions, you have a better chance of obtaining a Canadian permanent resident visa. Canada is one of the most popular destinations for immigrants because of its strong economy and welcoming culture.

In order to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker, you must have the right combination of education, work experience and language skills. You must also pass a points-based assessment test to evaluate your qualifications and language skills and to ensure that you are eligible for permanent residence in Canada. Once you have passed the assessment test, you must apply to the Canadian government.

Engineers are in high demand in Canada, especially in the technology sector. The Canadian government offers several options for engineers to immigrate to the country, including the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Express Entry and the Provincial Nominee Program.

Canada has pilot immigration programs for caregivers. The Caregiver Program allows individuals to become permanent residents of Canada by providing compassionate and responsible care to children or adults.

The PAIC team has over 1,345 approved applications with different profiles, including social workers, caregivers, computer engineers, doctors and other international professional workers. Our Canadian immigration consultant, Paul Abraham (R406367), is a Canadian visa expert and an active member of the Canadian Federation of Small Businesses, the Conference Board of Canada and the Canadian Association of Practicing Immigration Consultants.


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